Monday, April 28, 2008


Last weekend, I thought I did well enough to survive to come office after being hit by some crappy internet experience. And when I thought I escaped, I caught up by traffic police.

Not much harm though. 100 bucks and it was over !!!
So here are few classic one's I faced last weekend:

I guess yahoo messenger has forgot its own address to download full messenger.

Yes, I need to remember that. Wish they should say "Remember to remember to remember your password!

Never thought there are so many. In the next version they might have two drop down option as select gender 1. Guy & 2. Male!!

How many cats do you see. And how many letters with cat??

And the most classic one

I think their idea for confirmation code is to save from those who cann't write automated scripts for arithmetical expression. A neck to neck battle with this classic.

Grr .... Guess I need a another break.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Three question

1. What is the output of a vacuum pump?
2. Do coffins have lifetime guarantees?
4. What's the *free* gift? Since when has a gift NOT been free?

Well freaking question deserve a similar answers!! So here they are ---------------

1. Whatever it S$%^S (or definitely not what it S$%#S? ;) )
4. Yes they do. Its guarantees to *live* under 10,000 feet of mud till decades of years. Don't believe me?? Try it out ................... yourself!!
6. Who said gift are free? Ask the one who buy them. It's said for not to predict the value!

Scratching your head ?? Well ...... that's what all it meant to be!!

Soyonara ....