Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mr Maddy

Its really amazing how a person can become his own shadow and overcome that to go ahead of it even quicker than the imagination of the world's finest thinker and analyzer. What was seen in the first semi final of '08 US Open was a man chasing his shadow but what was seen in the final, was the man beating it. Night thunder first and half set of the final was the extremist madness of a genius who is just got out of his cage and hungry. Madness to the level where winners were chased down in defensive motion but returned in offensive action. Needless to say, no one had the clue except the man himself. Eyes that wide open that commentator said after a return winner - "I just hope he does that with open eyes (at least)".

And then you may have seen more emotions in this tournament alone than in the last 12 titles collectively, but the shots -- like the "overhead slice lob" that he hit in semi -- he produced in this tournament can turn anyone to show some fist and punches. But that didn't distract, he was pin point focus. When a press guy asked him whom would he prefer to play in the final, he answered -- " What would I prefer? I prefer trophy! "

And he gets it! Congrats Federer for '08 US Open title (5th consecutive) and 13th Grand slam title overall. I hope 13 will not unlucky number for you !!

"Don't even try pal, probably you are not going to win"

-- Roger Federer when asked what would he suggest if he would be the coach to his opponent (who is play against him) before the final of Masters series 07.

PS: I know, there are many tennis related post out here -- but he deserve this one.