Friday, March 13, 2009

A sick giant

If I am writing something after nearly 2 months, it must be something which made me think, some thing worth to share.

or .... just to screw you! Read on, and remember you are responsible for the consequences ;-)

A software company -- many of you may came in to touch with by using the services it provides -- many others; employees; came is touch by its gates and windows. A Giant -- as its known in its space but cheap on security as many suspects or claims -- pictured another dreadful writing on its shame wall recently.

Microsoft, few weeks ago, let go nearly 1400 employees with a claimed good severance package. This post would have ended here itself, if it wasn't Microsoft. But well, this time they had more in the box like the XP tag - "We serve more", just this time it said "We hurt more". And well ... my friend "THAT's guaranteed".

Within few days, around 24 of those 1400 received a post from Microsoft stating that they are overpaid as part of severance package and ask to pay back the money within 14 days.

Leave aside the fact whether Microsoft can or should reclaim that money or whether stand a chance on court of law, for a minute and think on whether a company should ask to refund money specially when its paid as part of separation which itself a very sensitive matter to handle.

A very wild image here. A picture of no feeling and a picture of completely professional. And I guess no one would understand how it is unless you are the one who receive one of those pay back letter. As one of them said -- "Its like Some one hit you with a sledge hammer on the foot but cause you were weathering it so well and seen with a piece of bandage, he hit you in the head also", .... and they choose the best time to do it, when nearly 13 million unemployed in US.

Understand in such time, severance package is the major source of survival for these guys during such tough times. A little extra can really be helpful. One said on a question whether he would return "Why should I? I am just been thrown under a truck, a little wheel can help"

Well, news circulated like fire within few hours/days from 22nd Feb and no one took it in good sense. So on 24th Microsoft said overpayment is caused by some excel bug and whoever is overpaid (and are overpaid from $4k to $5k) can keep the money. May be a decision cause of strong reaction across the globe.

On the other side, may be by court of the law and if stated differently on the termination letter, company can ask to repay or may be not on account of moral obligation ... but its better to return the money that was overplayed by mistake or something and more importantly if asked. Yes its a sick for a company to do something like this, but if you are a nice guy, don't be mean to even a sicko. Say "Get well soon, Mamu ;-)"

So what if you were the one who got that extra money, would you pay back ? return ?