Thursday, March 27, 2008

Today's fortune ..

When I logged in to orkut today, got this as "Today's fortune"

I am still not sure how should I take it; ..... a fortune or a warning!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Retention plan ...

Did you check all the papers before signing? ;-)

Update 12:37 PM: (On the other side)
Found this in one of the resume

Monday, March 17, 2008

Its Raining!

"Have you even been in rain and dance ?"

6:30 PM, Saturday, 15th .... kormangla BDA ... somewhere around that ... while returning from airport ... and it started raining.

Bloody hell, why can't it wait for another 15 mins. God damn it, it has to happen with me :-( . Few of'em rattles through mind to me and many of us most of time.

But this was different, don't remember the *virus* I was suffering, but ........ I took out helmet; speed slow; looked heaven; saw surprised faces and drove back to home. Faces -- looking like i'm driving from bc for this moment. That doesn't bother me -- I was enjoying; without noticing anyone of'em; continued but finally had to break.

While opening the lock, few more thought passed by remaining senses -- are we running so fast not to notice; are we tend to find problems in blessing; are we so busy not to enjoy the nature?

How many senses we have lost till now ??

"पहली बरीस मैं ट्रेन छूटने की फीक्र है, भूल गए भीगते हुए टहलना क्या है"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Deleting coments

I hope you already know how to delete comments from your post. That makes sense on analogy with human communication .

The other day I was trying to delete a comment (some casual one's) which I posted on someone's blog. Surprisingly to me, my comment got deleted instantly. You may find it useful, but my instinct that its a basic use case problem.

1) Making a analogy with man-2-man communication, deleting a comment is like taking your word back, like say "Nope, I don't want that". But it depends how others react. Some say "Whatever, mark your word", others say "Its okay". So point is when I delete my posted comment, it should send a notification to author for confirmation, cause once you post a comments, words belongs to post. You have control until you post.

2) Deleting immediately can make the complete comments thread senseless. Confirmation to author can help in reducing this. For the least, author may wish to remove the comments that are related to "to-be-deleted" one.

3) Taking about blogger, deleting a comments leaves a message. Something like "Post is deleted by author". That's really ugly.

What's you say ??

Now I need to look for ways to repost my comment at the same place :(

[Yeah, no liner in this post, now you know its not easy ;-) ]

Added at 11:47 PM:
And blogger doesn't even say who has deleted that message!!

Three reason why scrum sucks!

"No process is best. You need to find the lesser devil."

Actually there are many. (Title fits that well to pass on ...)

1. Stand up meetings
  1. Doesn't work out. Those who don't want to do, will never do it. Those who will, will always.
  2. More wasted time. One person each day for 15 min (however I didn't see anyone of them end in 15 min) for 7 people is more than one man day. Take average case of 30 min = 2 productive days lost.
  3. Breaks work flow. We already have so many obstacles which breaks work flow. Why another ?
2. Three questions
Doesn't help. I can bluff them all along. Take me down to hell, but you would never be able to prove me wrong ....... that I'm bluffing.
"Yesterday I was investigating, today I will continue, if that works, will use it tomorrow"

3. More time in meeting & documents
Stand up meeting, scrum of scrum, follow up, impediments, version one, burn down chart .... keep adding.

At first they may sound useful, but we need to solve things than endless debatable topic. Many of above said ends up in that. Mean you catch any in India for a debate on Indian cricket future over a coffee. I can guarantee that you can drink all in the world but will never be able to end the debate. Apart from that, they makes us irresponsible. Take the example of impediments, you may solve many of them, but people just don't, they just report it.

Remember each meeting take more time than meeting time. Every meeting takes at least 10 more minutes than meeting.
Those who are working on scrum can answer this better: How time you actually spend on your task out of total time you spent scrumming !?!

4. Working at one thing at a time. (Independent sprint)
There are lot full of engineer who can do multiple at same time. Most of time you will find task which can better be executed in parallel. Take this one:
You have a task to write API for logging messages; & log messages for another module. You can do better in parallel. Anything can logically be divided as independent and vise versa.

5. Hierarchy
If you haven't use it wisely, you can end up screwing things more than it offer!
Scrum Master, Business analyst, Product manager, Project manager, manager, second line manager, tech leads -- & the engineer! So much to say.

6. No coach
Adopting any process without a coach is more harmful than a soccer team without a coach. At least team knowns how to play.

7. Last but not the least ..
Takes away your freedom to choose whom to answer!

'I don't mind if you don't agree with me, One day you will"

"The last lecture"

"You can hear every lecture in two sense. Its you who need to decide which way you want it"

A nice video, deserve to spent 10 minutes to watch it, and don't jump to see the last, you will miss all the beauty.

Last Lecture reprise by Randy Pausch on Oprah Show

"When you realize that you have done wrong, don't hide it. Make that correct"

Monday, March 10, 2008

"Mind eater, frustrating, craps

"There is noting which is new to our ears. Its the way being said makes it different"

Many days, I am putting up some craps on my messenger. Surprising, that people read them and shocking ...... they like it.

Few of them asked me whether it came out of my mind, but with my bad habit -- be damn honest; not to take some one else credit ('n' curse) -- promptly, I said "No". I didn't. A small excerpt from one of those:

Friend: What's the menu today ?
Me: daal - chawal. Hmm.... Tell me what you want ??. I can make out anything !!

Friend: so confident ??
Friend: Were you a part time cook ?
Me: You don't need to be professional to be good !!

Friend:that was the nice line, Sumit! Add it as a yohoo liner tmrw
Friend: Where do you find your liners ??
Me: Talent !!
Friend: U mean u write those urself ?
Me: well even not all the code that I checked in was written by me!!
Friend:(Grr, Another one :( Looks like he is out of mind. Better i go) c ya.

So here is the convention: Anything which start with "*" , I am responsible for that. Blame it on me.
Others are stolen (so owner is as much responsible as me ..)

"I am anonymous ........ But why worry. .... So is the god !"

Saturday, March 8, 2008


First, I will finish it ......

Friday, March 7, 2008

"The great Bangalore morning show"

"When I say a long drive, I meant long in distance not in waiting. "

Nothing new, every one of us faces it day in 'n' out. From hosur road, bannerghatta road, MG, Brigade road, airport road to any smallest street in the town. Its everywhere. Its bangalore's GOD !

Here is a one which I faced today and I promise this will not surprise any one of you. Because of these intelligent fellow, it took me an extra 30 mins to reach office.

Just after the dairy circle (from Bannerghatta road toward Hosur road junction), it was a long zam till next two signals. Reason: Just after the second signal, there is a three way and some one coming from left join road, put up her vehicle in the middle (he cann't move because other side of traffic is stopped, and my side was running), which eventually caused every thing blocked.

And he was not alone, there were many following him. Long live Bangalore !!

Yeh Bangalore ka traffice hai bheedu,

Light red mile ..... to tod yaar
Green mile ........... to thook yaar!

Funky, funky, funky ...... chal HUTT!

Yeh Bangalore ka traffic hai bheedu,
Bike aur phone ....... to gardan thedi,
Car aur phone .......... yehh taang todi

Yeh Bangalore ka traffic hai bheedu,
Dipper dipper ... chodo yaar,
Tej light ..........aankh phodo yaar

Yeh Bangalore ka traffic hai bheedu,
Overtake caro .... from left side
Traffic zam ho to ... jao wrong side

Yeh Bangalore ka traffic hai bheedu,
Gadi roho nahi ..... badhao dheere dheere
Baki bhi aa jayenge ... pheeche peeche.

Yeh Bangalore ka traffic hai bheedu
Jindigi kar yakeen aur traffic chaos, jaari rahega Bagaloreon ke dil main aur road par

(translated for non-hindi people)

This is Bangalore traffic boss!

Got a read light? ... break it
Got it green? .... break that (car)

This is Bangalore traffic boss!
Phone on bike? ..... twisted neck
phone on car? ..... twisted bikers

This is Bangalore traffic boss!
Forget about ...... dipper dipper
Make the traffic ...suffer suffer

This is Bangalore traffic boss!
Overtake others .... from left side
& If its a zam ...... go other side

This is Bangalore traffic boss!
Trust on life and traffic chaos, will continue in bangaloreon's style and on road.

That's the story of bangalore traffic. I guess, people will be half died till the time they reach new international airport. Next airline from Bangalore should be named as "Heaven transport service"

"One way I would like to experiment; to know how it feels; by taking both of my feet off the accelerator and break at the same time"

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ek choti si imaginary story ....

"Imagination is nothing but an untouched reality"

Once two nice, talented, well behaved, down to earth, respected guys met during a competitive match. Both were great ambassadors for their country, loved to play. A great bowler and a great batsman.

That was a very competitive and close match, bowler was batting and batsman was bowling to him. After a few nice looking shots, later went to other and said

Batsman: Hey, how you come up with these shots. Its a classical batsman strokes.

Yeah, I know but its because it was you .. throwing the ball on me ;-)

Batsman: Hmm :d , I promise you that won't happen again ;) . But I didn't thought that you can hit them with that much of wood!. Did you saw me practicing in net or something ?

Ha ha, and you must seen me practicing hence interested in privilege of bowling :D

Batsman: So what would you do in such time ? :#

Hmm, you think I am Bhishma or something, ha ? :k Just a hint, make that unpredictable & surprising.

After some prayers :y, batsman let the ball off his hand. It was a great `doosara` from a off spin hand, bowler tried to defend, but bowl went for the second lawer of wood.

Batsman: Pheu, Ha ha. That one worked. gotch you ! :z :z :r
Bowler: Hmm, you learn really fast. Remember I took this one too :D

Batsman: Completely in. You know you are among best I played with & against.

Bowler: You too. I know they say how much you and your family, your ... your ... mother .... fa ..fa .... father ... everyone struggled in your growing days. I guess that makes you a real golden player. You know after so many years, when you old, retired, walks bended, hands down, remembering old days .. people will still remember and inspired by you and your family stories. Story of you, your .. your ... ma .. maa ki, I mean mothhh ...

Batsman: (stops him in between) Hey, hey, hey. What did you just say. you little crap piece of shit. You called me MONKEY ??

"And that's when imagination meets reality. "

(I don't remember, but I think my head was upside down while writing this :s )

Music is boring when ...

"Extreme of anything is frustrating. A lot discussed invention will become obvious"

I think this guys sitting next to my cube loves RDB very much. Put up 2 of its songs, locked the desktop and left ...... now its making Khalbali in me ..... ;-(

I am going to catch him and break his ( ......... desktop).
I am on my way. If you see another post, that would mean that I succeed, otherwise he ..... ;)

see ya,

"And obvious is boring"

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

11'0 clock fever

"Why is the office time is 9 (+/- 30m) to 5. It would have been better if its 11 to 5"

Well okay, I would even settle for 11 to 7. Frankly; hope boss will not read this ;); I work from 11 - 4. To defend me I would say I does 9 hours work in that time !!!

When I moved to new company, I tried to change my time. Actually I even did that for some days. Then the same way wheel went slow and I am on (my) time. Off late I realized that it doesn't make much different. If I reach early (9 in too early, isn't it ;) ), I would be caught up with some damn meetings which aren't producing anything. I am cocksure we can survive without them. I mean, there are people looking for chairs in stand up meetings !!, they want them coz that earns their bread. Not for me, so better be late than on time.

Forget about me, tell me how much time your spent for company and how much of that is productive ? How many hours each day, you have given your blood to company and how many hours, your mind ??

"Let there be more responsible engineers than managers. That will make better things out and faster. "

Victory ...

There are many victories worse than a defeat - Anonymous

Have you ever cried (felt sad?) after winning and jested on edge of loosing ?? I did. I was playing a TT match yesterday (Hon, I started again!), though I won the match convincingly but there was no fun in that. To say the least I felt I shouldn't be playing there or at least teach something to my opponent by giving him some way. I remember those days in Novell when I play with this orthodox, crazy ( .... and talented) player, where matches were very interesting .....a nice experience. Those were really exiting matches.

I lost many,,,,many of them, but none without giving a strong fight. I saw that in his eyes. Its not that I lost all ..... I won a good number of them 'n' I didn't won by someone's mistake or someone is loosing that; I won by my way. I know he will accept this point; and the one that even he was a Novell champion, I hold him the way no one did. Fearlessly, full of fight, strong challenge, power to power, mind to mind.

That was the time I smiles even after loosing match, coz I know I put up a good show, and sometime nailed few teeths. Someone ask me, after one of that wonderful day of match (when my defence and attach proved stronger most of time ;) ); "how you attack and return his shot so well?" In the joy of time, I only got Federer's quote:- "I fear noone but respect every one"

I would rate some on those losses much above than few wins here in new place. Really few victories deserve a trash can.

"While listing down, I would rate a defect against a warrior higher than a win on a botcher. "

Mind & Heart

"Your heart always feel in one way, so your mind; always think in one way. Unfortunately most of time, they aren't in parity."

I made this after a small incident. I was watching a hindi movie (Deewar) at home and struck on the scene where Shashi Kappor shot AB. I wonder if one will do that if real ?. Is it the situation where minds over feel or was it to say your greatness. Why don't he just caught him or shot on leg or something ?? I the height of that time, here minds overplayed heart.

That was a movie day for me. Next one was Swadesh (yeah yeah, I was watching Shahrukh movie !!. Can you believe it.) Again the time when one probably went crazy to give up his well positioned job and go to a village. In my opinion, crazy are those who think from heart and follow with any mind on that. Here heart denied blood for mind to work.

"We will make better decision if our mind can feel and heart can think. "

Respect & Fear

Its okay when people respect you. But when they fear you, that's when you get the power :- Frank Lucas

Frank was wrong. And he must have realized it off late.

Because those who fear you, are actually doin that until they get a opportunity to kick in your ass. Who saved him ? It was Richie, not because he feared him but because he was a friend. Otherwise he might be in prison for lifetime for charges of dealing drug and making his lifetime parole void.

"When people respect you and you make them friends, that's is when you gain the power."