Saturday, August 30, 2008

error of error

Few .... I would call "creative" error. In fact first one is outstanding.

I am still wondering how this dialog box is created ...

Hmm .... I will ...

And how would you close videos (open -2 videos) if they are not opened ...?

Guess Microsoft has made this one for them, and I am sure they will have many more of them in there

I am sorry, what ?? .... If I click OK ?

Hmm ... I will ...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mumbai Meri Jaan

Alright this is not the review, I just feel like saying something about this movie. The movie is based on after effects of 7/11 Mumbai serial train blast. Though characters in the movie may looks fictitious at times, its such an original, well crafted and directed script that you will like it from its first scene. Along with that its one of those few movies in recent time which has some message with it. So if you can understand the language or got a subtitle, get some time off to watch this one.

Caution: If you feel emotion is waste or if totally the other way, better if this movie ends here for you.

Kaifi Azmi

In case you are not yet blessed to read his work, here is one of his finest ----

अब तुम आगोश-ऐ-तसव्वुर में भी आया न करो
मुझ से बिखरे हुए गेसू नही देखे जाते
सुर्ख आंखों की क़सम कांपती पलकों की क़सम
थरथराते हुए आंसू नहीं देखे जाते

अब तुम आगोश-ऐ-तसव्वुर में भी आया न करो
छूट जाने दो जो दामन-ऐ-वफ़ा छूट गया
क्यूँ ये लगाजीदा खरामी ये पशेमान नज़री
तुम ने तोडा नहीं रिश्ता-ऐ-दिल टूट गया

अब तुम आगोश-ऐ-तसव्वुर में भी आया न करो
मेरी आहों से ये रुखसार न कुमला जाएँ
ढूँदती होगी तुम्हें रस में नहाई हुई रात
जाओ कलियाँ न कहीं सेज की मुरझा जाएँ

अब तुम आगोश-ऐ-तसव्वुर में भी आया न करो
मैं इस उजडे हुए पहलू में बिठा लूँ न कहीं
लब-ऐ-शीरीं का नमक आरिज़-ऐ-नमकीन की मिठास
अपने तरसे हुए होंठों में चुरा लूँ न कहीं
-- Kaifi Azmi

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I don't know if its only me, but WFH looks and sounds very similar to WTF to me. But ya, I never mistyped it that way! So I always send a mail as "Sumit is working from home" than as "A is WFH" (A is what, ...) as everyone else does.

Whatever, but if you plan to work from home (WFH) and want to work -- here are few useful tips -- That's what I did to work peacefully from home.

#1. Turn the god damn TV off.

#2. If you are bachelor, be prepared for food crisis. Otherwise make up your mind early.

#3. Get a power backup. You don't want get in vpn signing again and again.

#4. Be on a desk and chair, don't fall on your bed, with a pair of pillow below your head and blanket and light air -- there are more chances that you will loose to a nap.

#4 amendment 1: At least enable sound for email, IM messages and mobile ;-)

#5 If you have no one else to answer the bell, better keep the door locked and give the feeling that no one is at home. There are more chances that bell ring more often when you work from home.

#6 Inform (at least for courtesy) the team that you are leaving. (Otherwise M is only way to know)

#7 Work -- Remember you are working ---- ----.

For those who hate meeting in between the work and feel it breaks the flow, -- someone like me -- that's the better to work from home so you only ...... work.

n ya, in case you read the title wrong, read it again!

Your Fortune is "down"

I always believe people should be little bit cautious with the error they display on the web pages.

While adding a fortune widget on my blog page, I came across this --

Un"fortune"ately this sound like a complete sentence, n I am sure no one will like a fortune like that. The best part is in the last!! "Not happy with your current fortune .... "

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ek Nazar

इसी उम्मीद मैं उस रस्ते से रोज गुजरता हूँ |
की शायद वोह छत पर, बाल सुखाते हुए नज़र आ जाए ||

रोज करता हूँ खवाबों मैं दीदार उसका |
काश, यह जागती आखों के सपने हकीकत बन जाए ||

सुबह की जिंदगी हो क्या पता कड़कती धूप का |
जो शाम से गले मिले तो रात हो जाए ||

वो क्या सलार बनेगा हमारा जो ख़ुद |
दो कदम चले तो घुटनों मैं बल पड़ जाए ||

खुदा करे की एक दिन ऐसा भी हो |
मैं लेटूं और मुझे नीद आ जाए ||

यह दुआ गर गुनाह है तो भी कबूल हो |
तेरी झलक के बाद चाहे दोजग भी मिल जाए |

दोस्त तो बहुत मिले दुनिया मैं हमें 'सुमित' |
गर तू मिले तो खुदा मिल जाए ||

No other word ...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Gold for India

If you believed that earning a medal in Olympic can be a fluke and/or it require enough luck to get it your bag ... you have probably missed the important chapter of the Olympic book -- painted by different colors; mostly dark ones -- that talk about India's performance. But after a long wait, today Abhinav Bindra won a Gold medal for India -- First ever Individual for India.

Many Congrats to Abhinav Bindra!!! Well done Man! . Finally a streak is broken and new colors are used.

You can read official page here.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

How to secure wireless network

[This blog is just the copy of what I posted on basics uncovered. Just thought to put it here too.]

I'm mainly writing down the point to secure a "HOME" wireless network.
{this is something I learned (and searched) for setting my linksys router}

1. Change SSID
Many -- almost all -- wireless router comes with default SSID (service set Identifier) - kind of unique in itself. Something like linksys router uses "linksys" as default SSID. So if you are using a default SSID that gives more information about your wireless network. Its something like broadcasting "Hey I am a wireless router and you can connect to me. And yeah by the way, I am linksys router". Though that may not be much, but it give information to a potentiality hacker to know which router you are using and may be narrow down to one which he should try to hack or use -- may be get on net and know what are possible attack on that and try them.

Better set SSID to some random junk characters. Copy the SSID and save for later use.

This may not be much security, but its good not to offer low hanging fruits -- encouraging someone to actually get them.

2. Hide SSID
So the other people can't see it. Hide SSID by disabling SSID broadcast. So they will not see your network and not try to connect to them.

3. Change router's password
Again most router are shipped with default password. For example linksys router has the default password as admin. And its very easy to get default password for these boxes. Just google for "default password" and find the vendor and model. So if you have default password, someone can logoin to your router and change configuration, may be stealing all the bandwidth or do much more than that.

4. Disable remote administration
By disabling remote administration, actually you are saying "No can can change my router without connecting to wireless router through a wire." That's pretty cool. So no one out there can change your wireless router stuffs. That's a very much important.

5. Carefully upgrade firmware
Upgrade firmware if you really need to. Check the change log and find out if there is really some critical upgrade that you should install in. Secondly never upgrade the firmware on wireless, always connect physically to router and upgrade firmware.

6. Enable encryption
Most important point and a must. Enable encryption on your router so that no one can actually sniff the packet and know what you are doing or be man in middle. And it would be good to use a intelligent password - like mix of upper case and lower case, alpha numeric, numbers and large string so that its practically impossible -- or at least hard enough - to break it. May be use some kind of random key generator to do that. (and save the password somewhere safe and secure)

That will do a lot to make your network secure. There are even other stuff like "MAC Address filtering" but that may not be of much use cause mac address is actually sent as part of IP packet. so ...... anyway do that if you wish so.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Outsourcing: Low cost solution or High cost risk ?

There was this news reported on "Networkworld" that a Ahemdabad based Outsouring company stole the client data and sold that to their customer. Though I am not in good trust for such reports, but it opens up the question on the outsourcing and limit on them. How to take care of privacy of your data centers? What should be outsourced?

I have the answers, but I don't think I should write them here.

Before you read the article, don't take a company extension center as the outsourcing center. Technically "outsourcing should be considered when you give a third person to do some of your work".

You can read the article here.