Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An Eventful journey

A little background of the event from my last year trip. (to home)


Date : 28th Oct 2007

Journey : Bareilly to Delhi

Expected Time : 6 Hrs ( + 30 min stop time)

Start Time : 9:30 AM Bareilly

Place : approx 25 KM to Delhi.

Time : 4:30 PM

Somewhere close to Ghaziabad out pass, (Y pass they say), we came across a huge traffic jam and rather angry looked mob. Close to 10 vehicle top in the queue, mob had burned the AC vehicle (with whatever way they can or expert of) and in 2 min all the vehicles between my Bus and “The burning truth of the mob” moved out – some taking U turn; some jumped over the divider. It was just 3-4 min of unconsciousness or knowing what happed or deriving our conclusion – whatever you may call it – before we realized that it was us next to the burning vehicle (some 100 meter behind though) and to our credit we were next in the queue; at least that’s was we derived from angry crowed and the way they were moving (or should I say running with “not” just the matchsticks) towards us. So we quickly threw out our luggage and ourselves out of the bus and we (I) ran for some 200 min with it backwards – literally if I may use that word.

That was the first in my life that I realized there could be someone out there to kill you without any god damn reason. At least I experienced it that closely on that day first time. Anyway that’s not the case today. Its everyday reality now and after Jaipur, BLR, Ahmadabad and Delhi Incidents; may be few years in the line we better say “Pray to see ya tomorrow” (and do for me) before leaving for the day at work.

Anyway the end was not that damaging as we thought at moment. Police (somehow – may be even God didn’t had an idea)) managed to stop the crowd to burn down another vehicle and find a passage for us to go to Delhi Event closed, remains the experience. (via inside the city).


Date : 26th Oct 2008

Journey : Bangalore to Pilibhit

Expected time : Hell had an idea. No more.

Start Time : 1:30 PM

Place : From hanging somewhere in the air to dreams.

Not that I had a similar magnitude of experience this time, but its small things that questions me or made to think. For example -- To start with, the one hour 40 min journey in the bus for the airport will feel like you are going to a different city or something for the airport. Nope your city doesn’t have one.

So the real experience started after the flight landed in Delhi. Oh no, before that let me ask me a question – do these pilots have a face? I mean why do we only hear him (after taking off and before landing)? Doesn’t it looks like you are caught up (or say paid for) in someone else territory where this guy is kind of God with his troop marching all around you; speaking in some kind of heavenly voice from time to time; try to scare you or something; may be saying like “You know I control it here”.

And what about those air hostesses; mean I don’t understand this – that lady will welcome you from the moment you step into the plane; goes through that boring demo 3 times a day; helps you out for every of your request; see you off before you step down the plane; but still never tells you her name. I mean do they like remaining anonymous or it is like they feel a need for introducing themselves!!!

Anyway so flight landed in Delhi and we gather around waiting to get our bags. Somehow I feel every guy there wants to make sure two things; first -- he is in front and second -- no one can even peek (I don’t want any one to take his bag and get his ass out before me); I wish they could have tried the same way when they were writing.

If you never been in Delhi, try to be there once; somehow to me the air smells so sweet out there ….. But not so good the way it sound! The most recent experience was while I was searching for auto I asked to security police where I can get one;

here is what happened (translated in English for readers)

Me: Hello Sir, auto kaha se milega (where can I get an auto?)

Him: Idhar koi auto na mile, prepaid taxi le le (You won’t get an auto here; take a pre paid taxi)

Me: hmm.. Idhar se texi bhi nahi milega kya (Can I get a taxi from here ?)

Him: Ek baar bola ne, idhar auto sato na mile; bapas jakar taxi lo (I told you once, you won’t get an auto here; go back and get a taxi)

Me: theek hai, abhi main auto nahi taxi ke liye pooch raha tha; khair tumko kya matlab hai (Okay, I was asking about taxi this time; anyway you don’t want to help so … )

Yeah, it doesn’t sound that well !!

Anyway I finally reached on Delhi ISBT to catch a bus for Pilibhit, and guess what ... at least 7k people on stop for the bus ... like at least 25 traveling on top of. Somehow I managed to get a seat inside an AC bus. Tell you what, its a wrong time to travel just one day before Diwali (that too without a reservation).

Rest of the journey was okay, except the bus that I took from Bareilly to Pilibhit. That could have been a worst condition bus still operating. Anyway there is old saying about UP Roadways busses --

"Horn ko chodkar sab kuch bajta hai"

(Everything makes noice except horn)

I could hear them even few hours afterwards !!! That's my journey this time.



Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Dipawali !!!

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Dipawali. May be festival of light bring more joy, happiness and shine in to your and your loved ones lives !!!.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Thanks Microsoft

Are you kidding me ??

Well, they say "People out in there can't loose their mind". You gotta have it first!

Story is after my laptop fan went for rest and turned the heat on; after 5 days, windows detected the heat and shut itself down forcibly and was not coming up with some derive load failed error (mup.sys hangs up), so after getting my hands dirty and some stinky search in the trash I found driver load and boot hang is because of excess heat. Even if it was a horrible way to notify about the heat, but it did saved the processor and more importantly the HDD (which of course has all the data). I think even this was way over than expected and their standard !!

And yeah, a bit late but Congrats to RoKumar for winning Novell Annual TT championship!! Well done !!!


PS: Yeah I am still breathing ;-)