Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sahir's forgetten lines

"So much about tennis .. and now a Urdu poem, is every thing okay?" That's the first question I might ask if someone does like this.
Well, this time I am not asking question, but I can give the answer -- Though I may not be able to match Nirmal's article on tennis, one like this, I can still pass my view & if you have read Basir Badr, Sahir Ludhianvi or someone like his talent, you would be doing the same.

Other day I was reading some work of Sahir, I was very impressed with some of his poem. I guess you know who is Sahir Ludhianvi , don't know? Okay, just in case, he is distinguished poet which has a big contribution in Indian urdu poetry & Indian film Industry . Remember Amitabh Bachachan singing Kabhi Kabhi? Who wrote those lines? It was Sahir.

Here is an excerpt from his memorable larger than life work:

देखा है जिंदगी को कुछ इतने करीब से |
चेहरे तमाम लगने लगे है अजीब से ||

इस रेंगती हयात का कब तक उठाये बार |
बीमार अब उलझने लगे है तबीब से ||
हर गाम पर है मजमा--उश्शाक मुन्तजिर | मकतल की राह मिलती है खु--हबीब से ||

इस तरह जिंदगी ने दिया है हमारा साथ |
जैसे कोई निबाह रहा हो रकीब से ||

रूह--असर जाग कहाँ सो रही है तू |
आवाज़ दे रहे हैं पयम्बर सलीब से ||

Sahir ... you are amazing!!


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