Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kabhi Kabhi Aditi ...

This is the song from "Jaane Tu and ya Jaane Na" and the moment guitar strings strike the start of the song - you would feel like Ohh This is good one - and by the time it ends one has to say "Wow what a song!!"

Not to mention its a Rehman number & equally well sung by Rashid Ali. You can hear it online.

For the moment I am thinking there may be so many beautiful songs of Rehman which I might have missed because I don't understand those lyrics. May be he should release the album in both language for each of movie he works on. I am sure his album can still be a hit in other languages!


Vijesh said...

True! Other languages also have some pulsating number. Will point to some of them soon.

SA said...

ya, I really want to hear some of them but managed only with "Boys".