Saturday, July 26, 2008

What's Next ?

Yesterday Bangalore was targeted for so called "Jehad" -- aka Terrorist --- activity. Though reports says they were minor blast -- though one women lost her life -- it gives enough reason to think and question the city security. But before I come to that point, I was quite confused with the reason for such low intesity blast. I mean they are not fool to do a blast without any reason. Yeah those reason(s) are on the wrong pole, but they felt otherwise. There could be multiple reasons for such blasts like :-

1. Prove the point that you can do it.
I guess, point would be more stronger with strong forces.

2. Create panic
On the same like, more impact, more the panic would be.

3. Misguide
Misguide the city people and most importantly security team to do something else easily.

4. Target someone
Draw a hole in security, some community, a political reason or something.

5. Sanity test
What? No -- can't be.

6. Accidental - It just went off
Guess an accident can't happen 7 times within an hour. That's much of accident for accidents.
I strongly feel it is either of 1-3.

Just In

While I am writing this, I just turned on the TV and there are news of 15 serial blast in Ahemdabad -- Another BJP ruled state.

God knows what's the reason for this blast -- but I guess tomorrow (and some days to come) are very sensitive for other BJP ruled states.

Now come to other part, questioning security of city and working places. Last Monday when I went to other building of the company (I worked for), I accidently went in IBM building. Surprising to me that I got in easily, parked my bike and was about to get in the lift when I noticed that I am in IBM. If that looks strange, try yourself in your company. May be putup a beard, get a different garment style, hide your sticker and access card and drive confidently. I can bet that there are more changed to get in that otherwise. Unfortunately security in the companies I worked for was really poor -- and such things can be done easily :-(

Well may be you can't do much on there -- but surely you can help your city by doing something like this and

1. Talk to security team and bring the point to them. (one said above)
2. Create a security aware team -- discuss and get employee concerns about security.
3. Pass along to security team and follow up.

May be few steps where you can extend your helping hand to your security team. Above all, take a strong step toward getting a system in place which allow every one to authorize himself before entering to premise. You know its something strage -- A software company whose software never allow anyone to get in without authentication and authorization -- but comany does.

Lastly thinking about those who plants such explosives and who derives such activity, all I could say -- May be better God not gave the mind to every one -- at least I won't blame them then on the ground that why can't they realize what's right or wrong.

Its confirmed now -- 15 blast in Ahmedabad killing 15. First Bangalore and now Ahmedabad. Jaipur and Banaras few months before. Remind me what I read somewhere --- "I live in a neighbor where you can get shot while getting shot." (Written by a black guy) . What's happening to this place ??

Sorry Bangalore, Sorry Ahemdabad. It wasn't written, someone had stolen the pages, created that magic ink out of it and rewrote the destiny.

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