Thursday, December 31, 2009


Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year. May the New Year bells bring joy and happiness in your and your dear ones life. (And marriage bells to some of you ......!)
This post could be a hell of story for a dead become alive.... and it’s only for this midnight until next offer!
Well 8 months is some time not to put anything here, and surprising google found this blog during this period worth putting their ads. What are the odds!
There is two reason, that I am writing this post.... second one is to share some news that you may not know yet :-
It is ...... by the way; have you start guessing it already??
1. Left Cisco: around 8 months before. 24th April' 09 to be precise. To turn some of the dreams into reality. Road is tough but inspiring, full of risks but with thrills.
2. Joined Stupa SoftTech: as partner in July ‘09. Our primary operating center is in Hubli at BVB College campus. We provide software solutions, services and support in various domains like Philanthropy, Finance, Telecom and Findability Sciences and work on better education system.
Path is new and challenging to all of us, but its lot of fun working together and contributing in the way we believe. Hopefully with elder's blessing and friends support, we will have a better place to work and enjoy.

So this year, have as many dreams as you can and reach out for them ....... some of them can be reality by end if next year!
Enjoy Life!!


Vijesh said...
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Vijesh said...

Finally some time to blog. :) All the very best for the exciting new venture.

Have fun!